Friday, December 21, 2007

My hair

Some of you will relate to this (mostly girls) & some of you will, um, basically not care (Howie or Damon).

Now that I'm working 8-5, I'm having a hard time finding time to get a haircut. I am busy most weeknights getting all the crap done around the house or I just want to veg-out when I get home.

So now my hair is really long. For me. Really long for me.

Most of you know that I keep my hair very short and 'messy-looking' or 'spikey' with gel. If I try to apply gel now it just goes straight & stays crunchy. So lately I've been using a 'wax' on it. A funny thing about wax is that it doesn't distort the color of my hair like gel... the gel made my hair look black even though it's really brown... so now everyone thinks I've 'colored' my hair. Huh!

What I really wanted to share with you is that today I used a new type of shampoo since I ran out of the old kind (I haven't had new shampoo since last summer because I shop at Sam's Club & they sell shampoo by the barrel) and my hair is SO SOFT today. It's amazing! I think the combination of my hair being long enough to actually run fingers through it and that it's not crunchy makes me notice it more. I keep petting the back of my head today.

I'm at work, otherwise I'd take a picture. :)

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