Friday, December 21, 2007

find the pencil game

Okay, here's a little game we can play. In the picture I posted a few days ago called "Dinner with the Watson's" there is a pencil somewhere in the picture that it shouldn't be. See if you can find it. You will probably have to click on the picture to enlarge it.

Hint: Dillon's arm is on the right side of the picture & he's the one who 'projectiled' the pencil.
Hint: The people in the picture have no clue there is a pencil in the picture.

Comment back to us if you found it or need more hints.


adharalson said...

Hehe! Found it! That was a nice shot, by the way, if he was aiming for her head.

Lauren said...


AshLeeDaviSon said...

omg it looks like it's coming out of her head!!!! haha

Trunnell News said...

I found it without the comments and that is so funny. I can't believe it just happened to be flying in the picture!

Hang in there guys! Lots of people are praying for you!

jamie said...

I gound it right away after I blew up the picture. Right behind the Mrs. head.