Thursday, December 20, 2007

Update on stuff:

Well... I've left you hanging on a few things... so here's what's going on:

Scott's MRSA is clearing up. Yay! The surgeon will meet with Scott on Jan. 14 for an evaluation & reschedule of surgery.

I'm still working at the job I accepted last month. God has provided this job to fill a need for my family; it gives us an income. I am not a good fit for this particular position but we're making it work for now.

Scott's Houston project was supposed to be finished on Dec. 15. We're thinking another month to finish it up. Scott physically can NOT work the long days anymore, so he has hired a guy in Houston & Scott moved back to Round Rock. It's nice having him home, but sometimes the guy in Houston could use a kick-in-the-butt (but Scott's too far away to do it now!).

The kids are experiencing finals week. They will be off tomorrow through Jan. 7. Madison scored 99% on her Spanish test! Jared has a debate tournament Jan. 4 & 5 so he won't be completely vegetated over the break (BTW Jared no longer works for Chili's... long story).

Dillon has joined Jared on the Stony Point Rugby team. They both made 'starting' team. I don't know whether I'm happy or sad about this. Their first game is January 12. Pray for them. :)


jamie said...

So what happened with the job for Jared?

Both on the same team, good or bad, I don't know. HAHA!

AshLeeDaviSon said...

yea i want to here the story about jared..... was he drinking straight from the pop machines.... haha just kidding.....

Shelly said...

that cracks me up... pop machines... hahaha

The story: we decided impromptu to go to IA for thanksgiving, giving jared 3 days to find someone to work his Fri/Sat shift. He couldn't find anyone so they decided he'd 'quit' b/c he didn't show for work, even though he told them he couldn't come. Oh well.