Tuesday, May 22, 2007

System Link

This is the daily view at the end of my hallway. Notice the cord running from Dillon's room on the right to Jared's room on the left?

This is Dillon's room; he has a team who play HALO on the X-Box against the team in Jared's room.

This is Jared's room who is getting their butts kicked by Dillon's team.

This is the newest craze amongst Jared & Dillon & their friends. We have set up a TV in each of the boys' rooms. An x-box is set up which has a 'system link' going between the TV's, thus allowing 1 game to be played in 2 places. This is great for HALO which is a combat game that makes the player (or team) create a strategy to obliverate the enemy (each other).

We have had 9 teenage boys come over at which time they draw names for teams, then they parade down the hall into the rooms and commence combat. I hear nothing for about 20 minutes then there is a huge hoopla, feet stomping, and laughing. Isn't this a crazy team sport? Besides the cost of a case Mt. Dew, it's really a cheap way to entertain a group of teen boys... and no one gets hurt (except the pride thing... sometimes we get an injury there... Scott....).

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