Tuesday, August 11, 2009

on the bright side

We had plans this week for my cousin & his band (she swings, she sways) to stay at our place on Monday night after they perform in Austin.
Sunday afternoon the Cole Family is doing the usual 'Guests-are-coming' cleaning, vacuuming, picking up, dishes... When I call to talk to John he announces that they'll be coming early! They'll be here after their show that night. Uh Oh. Now the Cole Family is doing the Super-Rush 'Guests-are-on-their way' cleaning.
Then we get the call. The picture below speaks for itself. Their van had a run-in with a guard rail. On the highway. On slippery roads. Behind a braking semi. In Houston. Crap.
Everyone is okay. The equipment sounds like it's going to be fine.
But they didn't make it to our house.

On the bright side we have a fantastically clean house & looks like the group found themselves a new van. :)

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