Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cole Kids sing the Beatles

The first song on the program was 'Blackbird' where Dillon, Jared & Madison sing accapella. I think they did really well!

For those of you who are familiar with the way Scott sings... close your eyes when Jared sings the solo part... doesn't he sound JUST LIKE Scott?!

Madison sang with Amanda on the song 'Dear Prudence'. Madison had the harmony so you can't hear her quite as much, but I think they look WAY cute in their pychadelic tie-dye dresses! (jump ahead to 1:10-1:17 to hear Madison's quick solo part!)

The kids also sang 'Because' but the incorrect tape was played as their back-up music & the music had vocals on it already! The vocals completely drowned-out Dillon, Jared & Madison so it didn't turn out so good. But A+ for effort!

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Anonymous said...

So proud of all of them. I wish I could have came and seen you all. Miss and love ya Aunt T