Wednesday, May 20, 2009

studio 54

Father & Son sing a version of Cecila by Simon & Garfunkle. They harmonize well! It was used as Dinner Music - so there's a bit of background noise, but I think they did great!

Did we tell you Dillon could tap dance... we just found out too!

Dillon was in 12 numbers!
Dillon forgot to put on his tap shoes before the above video clip
and came sliding into position JUST as the music started playing.
This is his "whew!" face.
Madison is fixin' to get on the train!

I see Madison... where is Dillon?
Ta-Da! There he is!
How cool to have them standing so close to each other for a song.

Madison & 2 friends sang Dinner music. The song named "Fernando" by Abba. Sorry about being so far away... but listen carefully & you can hear Madison sing the lead.

Dillon sings a solo part of the grand finale. He's the 2nd singer - you can see him on the far end of the stage (the one without a hat).

After the show with the family.... Gee, do you think we all got dressed from the same closet, or what?! Dillon's buddy Daniel...Dillon's 'friend', Marissa....

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