Wednesday, May 20, 2009

name game shirt

One of the songs the kids did during Studio 54 was "The Name Game" complete with hand motions, etc. Each of the kids had to wear a shirt with their name on the front. Can you see Madison wearing a yellow shirt with black letters?

Madison told us she needed a shirt with her name on it, so we bought the iron-on letters & she did her own shirt.

The NIGHT before the show Dillon declares he needs a shirt too. Madison offers to iron Dillon's shirt.
Here's how the evening progressed:
Madison: "There isn't an 'N' for Dillon's name!"
Scott: "Cut another iron-on letter into an 'N'"
Madison: "Good idea"
*** She accidentally made a backwards 'N' from a capital 'W' ***
Scott: "I can fix it with a permanent marker, I'll just fill in this part..."
*** Now it looks like a large blob instead of any letter - see photo below ***
Madison: "Maybe I can cut away some of the iron-on material & make it look like an 'N'
*** She starts cutting left-handed with a right-handed pair of scissors ***
*** Shelly grabs the scissors & says ***
Shelly: "Both of you have messed this up, let me fix it!"
*** Shelly gracefully cuts right through the fabric so a nice hole emerges.
*** Shelly & Madison are laughing so hard that Madison runs to the bathroom & Shelly starts crying from laughing.
Dillon: "I'm NOT wearing that"
Madison stenciled his name on another shirt with permanent marker. Looked great! :)

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