Friday, October 10, 2008

Just a busy week?

Monday night I met with a new tax accountant. I know, I know, you're thinking that we're a bit 'past due' getting the 2007 taxes filed. You're right. Back on April 15 Scott & I were a bit pre-occupied with Scott's back surgery recovery, how we were going to pay astronomical COBRA health insurance, my new job.... um... taxes were far from thought.

Tuseday our friends Gary & Mim stopped by to visit. I LOVE visitors! Especially close friends who love to visit too!
I spent the evening searching for 'lost' documentation that the accountant needs. I've always felt like moving is a good time to purge stuff you don't need, so I'm hoping that I simply put those things in a different box. Hmmm, still working on that. I also got a chance to talk to my Mom & see what she'd up to. Those conversations don't happen nearly as frequently as they should!

Wednesday night I decided to check out the church Dillon has been attending each Wed. with his friends. There is a strong teen program and a service for grown-ups (basically it's like Sunday morning re-created on Wed. night). The music will take some getting used to but the teaching was RIGHT ON. Exactly what I needed to hear. God is good!
Jared, Dillon & Madison went to the teen program. They didn't talk about their sermon too much because it's about "Sexual Morality". Ewww.... who wants to talk about that with their parents?!

I have joined a 'Community Group' from the church I was telling you about. Although I don't go to that church, our friends host the goup in their home. Last night we had a potluck dinner! I got to eat things I don't normally eat.... acorn squash, salad with broccoli slaw & dried cranberries.... it was actually very good. Great fellowship. I'm glad I've met some new friends, I only wish Scott were here on Thursdays too.
I went to a friend's house after the potluck to talk to her about Stony Point Choir. She is the Booster Club president & I'm the treasurer. We didn't talk much about our roles with the Booster Club, but visited for over 1-1/2 hours. Before I knew it, it was 10:30!
When I got home Dillon was the only one home. We spent the next 2 hours discussing illegal activities vs. immoral activities. Good talk! Great time to share opinions. I'm glad we got that opportunity. It was a late night, but worth it.

Tonight Scott will be home & it's a home football game. All 3 kids will be singing the National Anthem so I'll try to get a good video of them. Also Dillon will be 'escorting' the Tiger Dancers and Jared will be 'escorting' the Tiger Cheerleaders (and running with the spirit flags). It's supposed to be a beautiful evening (70's) so should be a good night.

I hope I get to sleep in tomorrow. :)

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