Tuesday, October 14, 2008

friday night football

Okay, I know I've inundated you with Stony Point Choir video clips, but this one is really good! Dillon is in the front left when I pan that direction, Jared is directly behind him about 2 people back so all you can see is his blue bandana-head. Madison is off to the right & stands tall near the rear.
Make sure your sound is on....

Highlight of the National Anthem....

Jared surprised us this game because we thought he was the 'S' in TIGERS, but actually he's the 'I' this week.
He got a good workout running with that flag since Stony Point beat the Georgetown Eagles 34-23.

Isn't this little girl cute? She was doing all sorts of dance moves with the band, but quit when she saw the camera come out. Enjoy this little wiggle. heehee

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