Friday, October 17, 2008

better than we thought

When you're 3 hours away your mind starts to wander that a TERRIBLE accident has occured and Scott is in intensive care.... but he's NOT. Looks like Scott will be okay. He's just bumped up & sore from the jolt.
Luckily the lady who ran the stop light was SITTING at the stop light then when Scott started to go she went too - - This means the impact was not at a full speed. Shwew!

This picture is from the driver's side to show you how far the bumper was pushed over from the passenger's side. We're hoping that the drive gears & such are not beyond repair. The truck will get inspected next Tuesday... so I'll have more info then.

No ticket was issued to the driver of either car. The cop said that it would be his word against hers that their lights were green, even though Scott had a witness in his car. Whatever. That means our insurance has to fork over part of the bill.

I'm just thankful Scott's okay. :)
We'll have to work on trasportation issues now. Any suggestions??


Jill said...

glad to hear that it is "better than you thought" we've been thinking about you all day. I'll see if Damon has time to call you this weekend and check in. We've got soccer and a kid party for Sam's b-day tomorrow, so we're getting ready tonight. Then Damon leaves for Japan on Sunday through Friday! Busy!

Anonymous said...

yikes! I was thinking of you thursday night and almost called when - wow - another event. This time a football game. I just hate that "busyness" gets in the way of people!! I love you and am so thankful that it is "better than you thought"! Obviously Scott's back was our first thought, too. I'll be calling you as soon as I think you guys might be up and around. Love you!!!! ~v