Thursday, October 16, 2008

bad news... again

Well, does it seem like our luck is on a downhill slide... like ALL THE TIME?!?!

Scott just called from Houston. Apparently him & the landlord guy decided to go grab a burger tonight & on the way to the restaurant a lady ran a red light and plowed into Scott. Yes, the suburban. He said the front end is totalled. The tire is blown, the front side is smashed. I'm sitting here waiting for him to call me back. The police hadn't made it to the scene when he hung up. He says he's physically fine, but he'll be sore from the impact. This BETTER not have screwed up his back.

This is on top of the news we got yesterday that the seller in Houston has received another offer on the business. The new buyer (not us) has the cash & is ready to make a deal. We've been waiting for so long on our investors and to get the news that someone else has stepped up makes it feel like the last 6 months to 1 year was wasted effort.
The worst news is that the buy-out puts Scott out of a job. Sooner than we thought since we now have only one working vehicle.

I've planned to go to Houston in the morning to bring Scott home.

Sometimes life sucks.

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Jill said...

oh What is going on?!

Praying for you today. Make sure Scott gets checked out - just as a precaution if nothing else. It's good to have things documented - you never know...