Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tiger Escort

Dillon will be accompanying the Stony Point Tiger Dancers this football season.
Here are some of the picture from last year's season.
Dillon is one of 11 escorts for these 50 girls.
His responsibilities include loading & unloading the bus with all the girls'
equipment & escorting the girls off & on the football field (like to the bathroom & the bus).
Doesn't this look like the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders?
Everything about football is very serious here in Texas.
The dancers & escorts have their OWN BUS to go to away games.
I'll try to get a picture at next Friday's home game to show you Dillon as an Escort.


Annette said...

Wow! That is a really great honor. Way to go Dillon?

I've been concerned about how Ike affected y'all. Have you learned of any damage to the place Scott was renting? Will the damage around the area affect his work schedule in the coming days?

Annette said...

Don't know why I put a "?" after that second sentence. That was supposed to be a declarative statement rather than a question. :-P

Shelly said...

welcome to annette!
you're so cute with the typewriter, i mean, keyboard. :)