Sunday, September 14, 2008

poor Madison!

Madison as a sicko. Madison has been complaining for over a week that she has a stuffy head & can't breathe. I kept giving her antihistamines (which made her sleepy, my bad!). Finally after 10 days Scott took her to the Doctor and she has a Sinus Infection. Awww.... Sorry Madison! She started antibiodics on Friday & got plenty of rest this weekend.
Here Madison is with her "I'm feeling better" face! Madison has some sort of aversion to swallowing pills.
When she found out the antibiodics were pills, she requested a chewable form.
Look how big it is!
A confession from Madison: This chewable tastes really icky, it actually tastes like pink medicine not candy. Now she wishes maybe she could have gotten the swallowing kind.

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