Sunday, September 21, 2008

my stress about Scott's health

Scott had some Dr. appointments this week. We decided since he's stuck here, not working (because Houston has no power or gasoline), what a good time to get those appointments done.

The Family Dr. did a stress-test on Scott, complete with the treadmill, blood work, and chest x-ray. His blood-work came back great; all his levels were within normal range except for his cholestrol is a little high. The treadmill indicated his oxygen levels were on the low-end. He had a chest x-ray, which the technician said looked good (we haven't gotten official word from Dr. yet).

The Urologist said Scott's hernia is not worthy surgery. Guess he's supposed to wait to see if it gets worse or he has pain. Whew! He certainly doesn't need any more surgery this year!

The Endocrinologist (diabetes Dr.) said Scott's blood sugars have been within normal range for the past 2 months. This is great because he's taking a minimum dosage for the diabetes.

So on Monday after the barrage of appointments Scott says to me... "The doctor says I'm feeling so crappy because I'm under so much stress. But funny thing is that I don't feel all that stressed!" My response to him, "That is funny, because I don't feel all that stressed either!". Then BAM!!!
The next day I wake up with a huge stress ball in my neck. So bad that I can't turn my head left or down. My finger breaks out with excema something severe. All within a day of saying "I don't feel stressed either!". Hahahaha Yah, right.

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