Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Meet the Tiger"

Can you say "School Spirit"!!
Stony Point High School does this amazing function each fall called "Meet the Tiger". It is an opportunity for all the kids who are in clubs or extra curricular activities to be represented.
Each club sets up a booth to sell items or participate in games or whatever they decided would bring in good money. There were over 30 booths there. Everything from Football, German Club, Yearbook, ROTC, Dance Club, LaCrosse... you name it.... We were there to represent the Choir.
Here is Scott & the Booster Club President, D'Anne, doing a good job of supervising our booth. This is our booth! We sold Flavored Ice (like snow cones), Foam Paws, Tattoos, Spirit Bracelets, Antenna balls, and Yard signs to support SPHS (Stony Point High School).
Midway through the evening all selling ceases & everyone heads to the track & bleachers. The marching band does their thing and the Tiger Dancers (totally look like Dallas Cowboy cheerleader) and cheerleaders come out to do a show.
Then ALL the kids who are in the clubs (and I'm talking hundreds & hundreds of kids) line up & do a parade around the track & get introduced by the announcer. Everyone cheers & goes crazy when their club comes by. Wow. I've never seen anything like this!
These pictures are of the Rugby Team. Dillon is the 3rd from the right, leaning forward yelling their famous rugby chant.
Here is Madison with a SPHS tattoo on her cheek. She did a great job selling snow cones. We got into a yelling match with the booth next to us (yearbook) who was selling ice cream. Funny.

These are quick snipet videos of the action on the field. Keep in mind this is not a football game... all these people are here to cheer for their kid who is in some activity at school. Awesome!!

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