Monday, July 14, 2008

Recap of the weekend

Scott & Dillon came home! They got in @ 6:30pm.
Jared worked until 7:30pm.
Madison went to an over-nighter 'lock-in' at her friend's church. She left at 8:30pm.
We had 2 over-night guests.... Dillon's friend Cody -and- we babysat Dominique from next door.

Madison got home @ 7:30am. She hadn't slept all night.... she was totally wired until she hit the pillow, then she slept ALL DAY.
Jared worked 10am - 7:30pm.
Dillon & Cody worked concessions at the Stony Point Alumni baseball game from 10:30am - 2:00pm.
Scott & I went shopping for curtains in the living room/dining room. We found an awesome deal! I LOVE Goodwill!! We also got Scott some new orthopedic-type everyday shoes (NOT cheap!). I guess the savings on the curtains was used up on the shoes. Oh well!

We declared Saturday night as F.F.F. night! We haven't had one in many, many months. F.F.F. means: FORCED FAMILY FUN. That means the kids can not have friends over, no interrupting phone calls, no TV.... We play games & eat & be silly for the night. This FFF night we had grilled fajitas for supper & played 'Oodles of Doodles'. Madison & I won by a hair. We concluded the night with homemade ice cream. Yum!

Church at 11:15am - Scott went to his ministry leadership class & the kids sat in the front row with the other youth, which meant I got to worship with my good friend, Valerie. What a blessing to worship with those who love you!
We slam-washed all of Scott & Dillon's clothes so they could pack & leave for Houston again. They left at 5:20pm. :(
Madison & I took Macey to Pet Smart to buy dog food. Macey's toenails are too long that she couldn't get any traction on the cement floors so it was funny to see her slide around. We also met a very lovey cat that tried to play with Macey while we were there. I love to visit the animals at pet stores, but it breaks my heart to leave them there. I could never work at a pet store.
Jared got picked up by some friends & went to see a movie. He got home at 11:00pm.
Madison & I decided to go for a swim at 9pm. The water was so warm that it felt like a bath!

Pretty good weekend. Nothing too exciting & Nothing too boring. Typical weekend. :)

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