Monday, May 19, 2008

Surprise party for ME!!

It's true.... I'm 40!! I have been set-up by my husband & my Aunt! They arranged a surprise birthday party for me yesterday that was truly a SURPRISE.
I know, I know.... you're thinking I must've known something because of my innate ability to know everything... but I was actually taken off-guard for this one!
Scott & Jeannetta called in many of our friends to be at our house Sunday morning. Scott got me out of the house by saying the kids wanted to clean the house for me as a birthday gift. I thought that was a gift I would really like, so I gladly drove around for an hour with Scott.
When we got home Jeannetta's car was in the drive & I thought... "Aww... she decided to surprise me by coming to see me on my special day! Isn't that nice?"
But Surprise to ME when the kitchen erupted with "Surprise!!" I still can't believe they pulled it off. I'm losing my touch. Is this what happens when you get old?!

We had barbeque hamburgers & hot dogs with chips & soda. It was all prepared for me (that might be my favorite part) and I didn't have to do anything but enjoy the fellowship with good friends. Oh, the gifts were a nice bonus. :) heehee
A special thanks to everyone who came: Jeannetta, Kurt, Margaux, Tim; Valerie, Ron, Alex, Eddie & Caroline; Gary & Mim; Pat & Ivonne; Nick (& Jessica by phone); Jeremy, Robin & Hayden; and my wonderful family: Scott, Jared, Dillon & Madison.
Love you all!! What a great birthday!

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Happy Birthday! My brother in law called me to tell me that I will be the first one in this generation of Trunnells to turn 40! HA! I was just getting ready to celebrate 33 tomorroq