Saturday, May 17, 2008

Snipets of Dillon at Studio 54

SORRY these are so blurry!! Hopefully you can make out which one is Dillon!

Dillon is in the dark green shirt & hat. They're singing the song 'Working 9 to 5' that Dolly Parton sang in the movie '9 to 5'.

Dillon is to the left of the screen here. This is the song 'We go Together' from the movie Grease. He's got the 'look'!

This last song was a trio - Dillon's in the middle. It's called 'A song for Mama' by Boyz II Men. Dillon picked me out of the crowd & was singing it right to me - so I had to quit video taping because it made me cry! Those 3 boys came through the crowd & gave their moms a rose. Yes, many moms were in tears. He made me feel very special!

What a nice way to spend my birthday! Thanks for the song, Dillon!

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