Monday, March 24, 2008

Surgeon says 'looks good'

Wanted to give you a quick update from today's sugery (YES!! It FINALLY happened!):

6:45 left for hospital
7:15 arrived
8:30 blood sugar too high (309 - got insulin shot)
9:30 blood sugar still too high (311 - got another insulin shot)
10:05 left for surgery
2:20 Surgeon gave good report that fusion went well & pleased with instrumentation
5:15 Got into private hospital room
6:00 Kids bored & went home
8:30 Scott got out of bed to sit (for 10 min then back to bed)
10:00 I got home
11:00 Finishing this post and GOING TO BED

THANK YOU for your prayers & well wishes. KEEP 'EM COMING!!
The Doctor said his part is finished - now it's up to Scott to get the diabetes under control & get himself into a healthy lifestyle. Scott has limited mobility in his lower back now & it will be an adjustment for him (imagine wearing a brace that doesn't allow your lower back to bend - that's how his life will be now). We need to work on it... prayerfully this will be a GREAT new start for us! This is the good news we needed!

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Connie said...

Good news! And we'll keep praying for more of it!