Tuesday, March 25, 2008

hospital update on Scott

I know many of you are awaiting news on Scott's recovery....
We had good news & bad news today.
Good news is that Scott finally got through the grogginess of anesthesia and nausea of pain meds (changed meds @ 9:00 this morning because he was so sick) - he got up 3 times today & walked the length of the hallway.
Bad news is that his blood sugars have been closely monitored since he entered the hospital & the internal medicine doctor has declared his diabetes is 'out of control'. He has oredered for Scott to begin a regular routine of insulin shots taken 4 times a day.
Great news (bonus! I forgot about this one!) is that his blood sugar count was down to 188 when I left the hospital tonight. Normal is close to 120. This means the insulin is working for him & he is looking at leaving the hospital on Thursday or Friday.
The Coles are planning to leave on Friday morning - but have no fear.... my Dad will be here Thursday night to be with Scott!
Do we have a Great God who provides, or what?! :)



Where are the Coles going? I am so glad that surgery seems to be successful so far. We will keep praying.

Shelly said...

'Coles' are going back to iowa on friday; Scott's mom & brother, 2 nephews & 1 niece. We're so glad they came!!

Connie said...

Thank you, Lord God!