Sunday, March 16, 2008

my turn to be sick - warning - icky pics!!

Here's how the end of last week went:

Wed night: My right eye feels 'sore', like I've been punched in the eye.

Thurs. all day: See picture. Eye is tear-y and still sore. Starting to swell by nighttime.

Fri. morning: Eye is swelled almost shut & matted with gooky stuff. Called into work & went to walk-in health clinic. I told her I thought I had pink-eye. So she wrote me a prescription for antibiodic drops. She didn't even look at my eye. Maybe she's not really a doctor but slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night?

Sat. morning: The whole right side of my face is swollen & slightly numb. I got up early & took myself to the emergency room. Dr. looked in my eye with microscope & said I have a stye that has become infected. Gave me some oral anitbiodics in addition to the drops.

Today: The swelling has gone down from my face but my eye is still very puffy & sore. Not so much gooky stuff but still looks bad. See picture.


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