Monday, January 21, 2008

uh oh... not so fast....

10 days ago Scott was told by the pain clinic that the only way he could get an Epidural Injection was to have a 'clean MRSA report' from an Infectious Disease doctor.

We called one of the two Infectious Disease doctors on our new health plan (geez, this is Austin, Texas for crying out loud, you'd think there'd be more than two!). They gave us the run-around so the surgeon we visited sent him to a Pathology Clinic office. The Pathology Clinic drew blood & we patiently waited 6 days for the result. Yay! It was reported clean last Friday (see Scott's prior post).
Today Scott called the pain clinic to schedule the Epidural Injection.

Uh oh.... not so fast.... they want an official report from an INFECTIOUS DISEASE doctor, not any 'ol Pathology Clinic.

So now Scott has to start all over again. Calling an Infectious Disease doctor & waiting to see when he can get in. Then they'll draw blood. Then we'll wait another 6 days. IF that report comes back clean (which we know it will) THEN Scott will be eligible to make an appointment for the elusive Epidural Injection.
Poor Scott. He was soooooo looking forward to some pain relief this week. It seems like he gets so close to pain relief (like the surgery or this injection) and *poof* he gets news that he must wait.... again.
Please pray for his attitude and the pain to recede. He's been taken off the majority of pain meds because he's been on them for too long (a year now) - so he's only taking over-the-counter pain meds & one prescription. :( Sad.

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