Monday, January 21, 2008

This weekend's rugby game

Here are Dillon & Jared again! Our team didn't play quite as well this weekend, I think it had something to do with the weather.... and we were missing a few boys.... Oh well.... only one teammate suffered an injury that required medical attention, a knee injury. THAT's gonna leave a mark!
This is called a 'scrum'. You can see the ball on the ground in the middle of this ring of players. The group of players have to push against the other group to kick the ball backwards towards a teammate who can pick up the ball & run. Then he gets plowed unless he can pass the ball laterally or backwards to another teammate (no forward passes) who then gets plowed. It's quite intense and full of testosterone!

If you notice the woman in the background in a winter coat & hat... it was in the 50's with a strong wind to make it feel colder. I'm glad I wasn't out there in shorts! (I had on a winter coat too - I couldn't find my mittens.)

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