Thursday, November 8, 2007

Shelly got a job!

Yay! I accepted a part-time position with Michaels as their Cash Accountant. I will work 7am - 1pm each day (and some weekends) to do the store deposit, prepare cash drawers for the cashiers & perform internal audits.
I really struggled with accepting this position because I came to Texas with the intention of working with Scott on our own business venture, Cole Lining, LLC. But, as God would remind me... my timing & God's timing are not always the same...
I have peace that someday soon we'll be able to get the business off the ground & I'll be able to work independently again. For right now I simply need to get a life... I mean, bring home a paycheck.
I am also struggling with my loyalty to this part-time position. It has been YEARS since I had to 'clock-in' or had a 'boss', luckily this is a non-supervised position. Also... I have applied for many other positions with other companies that would probably challenge me more than this one... I just interviewed with one of them yesterday. Hmmm.... what if one of them offers me a job? Do I stay? Do I go? Any of you who have recently gone through job-hunting knows what I'm talking about.

Dum-Dum-Dum.... Stay tuned to find out "Will Shelly like working at Michaels" .... or.... "Will Shelly move along to something else".... ???
Needless to say... you're all getting crafty-things for Christmas this year. :)

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Jill said...

You can buy me a present from Michael's anytime! I'm probably one of the few people majorly excited by this!