Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween excitement

We all went our separate ways last night... Dillon went to Halloween party with several friends, Madison went trick-or-treating with a couple of friends in another neighborhood, Jared & Ingrid went to a huge Haunted House that took an hour to get through the line, and I went to our bible study group.

At 9:45 Madison & I arrived home to a crowd of teenagers hanging out at the end of our street (dead-end) in the new park & pool area. When I say crowd, I'm talking about 50 high schoolers with beer bottles and the likes.

This is a little un-settling since Madison & I are the only ones home in this area of the neighborhood & if things were to get out-of-hand... I immediately called the police when an obviously intoxicated young man approach the house & yelled to Madison through a window that she could come join the party... Jared & Ingrid showed up @ 10:30.

About 10:45 the police showed up & busted up the party. It was quite entiertaining to watch from our darkened 2nd story window. Girls in bunny costumes & guys in royal king outfits were running through the brush carrying beer bottles.

Despite the entertaining bust the policeman said that those kids had started a small bon-fire in the new pool. Some of the kids will be charged with criminal mischief. Uhhhh.... yeah! Twits! I was looking forward to the pool being opened later this month. Maybe not now. Grrr.....