Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Iowa things

I took a few random pictures of things while I was in Iowa City:
These are sock-monkeys made by volunteers at the University of Iowa neo-natal intensive care unit. Each monkey goes to a baby & the hat is for the baby to wear. Cute! Look at all of them! This is a beautiful red tree peeking through the neighborhood trees in my Mom & Dad's back yard. Trees were mostly dark yellow or reddish, or naked because they already shed their leaves. Isn't this pretty! We miss the vibrant fall colors.

The U of I Hospital is located directly across the street from Kinnick Stadium where the Hawkeye Football team played AND WON last Saturday. This is the 'jumbo-tron' from the parking ramp roof.
I especially took this picture for all the Texans who think the word 'pop' is the goofiest thing you ever heard. See... This is a recycle bin for POP CANS at the hospital. Not SODA cans or COLA cans...

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