Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Up & Down day

Today has been a very 'up and down' day. For example...

up: I got up right away when my alarm went off.
down: Madison overslept so we were late ayway.

up: Scott is working in Houston & thinks he may have a job lined up for the next month.
down: We need money now, not in a month! We miss him during the week.

up: The weather is always so nice here that I don't check the weather channel anymore.
down: A line of thunderstorms is working its way across our area... it's raining right now & I need to run an errand.

up: I applied for my usual 2-3 jobs like I do everyday and one actual emailed me back!
down: It's not really the job I want... that one hasn't called me back.

up: Jared worked last night & tonight which means he has money for gas!
down: He closes at Chili's which means he gets home @ 12:15am... ON A SCHOOL NIGHT!!

up: Jill posted pictures of the boys on her website so we can see them.
down: Jill's blog links to her sister Emily's who just came home from an iowa trip... both Emily & Jill's pictures make me homesick for iowa.

up: I found a used fax, scanner, printer, copier for sale in Austin for only $60.
down: The woman who's selling it lives on the south side of Austin, at least 45 min to get there.

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