Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jared's first 'warning'

Here's how the story panned out this morning. But first, a little background: Jared worked until 'close' at Chili's last night, that meant he wouldn't get home until at least 11:30. I waited up until he got home at 12:40am!! (I was NOT happy, but he manager assures us this is the last closing on a school night for Jared.) I thought it was quite late & had suspicions about where he was, but I was too tired to interrogate. So we went to bed.
This morning I took Madison to school in the car Jared drives... I notice the entire glove compartment is dumped onto the passenger seat... when I put everything back, I also notice Jared's driver's license on the seat. I did an inspection of the car & no dings or dents are present. Hmmmm......

Our conversation before school today:

Me: Jared, tell me what happened with the car last night
Jared: Oh, I didn't get a ticket
Me: Okay, so what happened?
Jared: It's weird, because I normally always wear it
(Note: he's avoiding the obvious... like the COPS)
Me: Your seatbelt?
Jared: Yeah
Me: Were you speeding?
Jared: No, I was just going along & then a cop drove right behind me for a while. That's when I realized I wasn't wearing my seatbelt, so I reached up & put it on. RIGHT then he put on his lights & pulled me over! Geez!
(I wanted to say 'DUH! Never put it on when you're being watched', but I have to let him learn this one on his own)
Me: Show me the warning
Jared: He didn't give me anything, he just told me to wear my seatbelt
Me: And you will now, right?
Jared: Oh yeah.

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Laura said...

I remember my dad getting pulled over because he was swerving all over the road trying to get his seatbelt on. They thought he had been drinking! Which is MUCH worse than a seatbelt violation! We still laugh about that one!