Sunday, July 8, 2007

Progress on the new house

When Scott & I went to Houston a couple of weeks ago we made a quick trip to Round Rock to check the status of the new house. Here's what it looks like. The big tree on the left side is gone now. :( The boards you see here are the foundation outlines. The concrete was to be poured a few days after this picture was taken. They have had lots of rain so the construction hasn't been moving along too quickly. They assure us that once the slab gets poured then the walls & such will go up fast.The builder decided to move the house towards the rear of the lot a bit more than we anticipated. This is a bummer because the back yard is not very large after this. I tried to convince Scott this is a good thing... less to mow! I like the trees along the rear of the house. It makes it very green. :)

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