Sunday, July 8, 2007

New business opportunity in Texas

These pictures are of some of the equipment from a business that Scott & I are trying to purchase in Texas. These trucks are called Combination Jet Trucks. They have a big blue tank on the back and hundreds of feet of hose on the front. These trucks are used to hose out underground water lines and then to vacuum up the junk that gets blown out with the water. Cities hire these trucks to come clean their storm service lines & contractors hire them to inspect new pipes.
The business has a fleet of these trucks. We are SUPER excited at trying make this purchase a reality. We spent 3 days with the owner looking at the business & negotiating a sales price. We have another week to commit to this purchase. Yikes! We have a bank ready to make the loan, now we need to come up with downpayment! We think we've made some good investment contacts and now we have to wait (patience is a virtue!) to see if they think it's as great as we do.

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