Friday, June 1, 2007

Busy month... already?

I started out today by going on a walk with the dogs. Because I haven't been doing this very long (4th day in a row! I'm trying to make a healthy habit!) I get bad leg cramps and Macey's incessent pulling me along on the sidewalk doesn't help matters. So I took the dogs with me for one lap around the neighborhood, then I dropped them off at home before starting out again by myself. I was really getting a good workout when *BAM I got a bad cramp on the entire other side of the neighborhood. Not fun.

Madison is going to Lost Island water park today with her class. Any 7th graders who had maintained a good behavior status (something to do with reward points) got to go today. Unfortunately it looks like rain and it's not really that warm. I hope she doesn't catch a cold.

Jared is facing finals at school today. He actually studied for his Biology final, it looks really hard. Science is not my thing... I like math. He also has to stay after school today to make up an hour of driver's ed. This last hour will satisfy his requirements for his license. YIKES! He turns 16 on Wednesday (June 6) so he is planning on getting his license that day. I am excited for him, at least today I am. I'm not so sure how I will feel when he asks me for the keys to MY car after Wednesday. Jared had pink eye yesterday. We went to Walgreens on the way to school to buy eye drops for him. It looks much better today. This is how you know your kids are growing up: when you give the kid the medicine instead of the school nurse and hope they don't overdose. I guess eye drops wouldn't hurt too bad....

Dillon has a final laguage arts paper due today. It's a descriptive paper about a time the student vomited. It can be made-up, which is what he descided to do. Nice. I hope his class is after lunch. Yuck.

Speaking of vomitting (ewww, what a transition) Scott is sick today. He started a new pain medicine yesterday & I don't think it's agreeing with him. He visited the "Pain Management" doctor yesterday who put 6 injections into his back to try to calm down his inflammation. OUCH! Scott says it will take a few days to feel the full effect. This doctor reviewed Scott's CAT scan from last week to learn that Scott has a pinched nerve in the S-1 vertebrate. This is what is causing him all the pain right now & it has nothing to do with the surgery. The doctor indicates this is a result of direct trauma - which the fall he took in April would be considered. Scott's lawyer will get this info today. I can't believe we'd ever sue anyone for anything, but the handrail issue could have been so easily avoided! :(

My neighbor gave me permission to clip some of his peony flowers whenever I wanted. So cut some of them today. I think they are so pretty and smell so good. All the flowers in his yard grow wild because he's gone all the time, so that's nice of him to let me enjoy them. However since he's gone he probably doesn't realize he has poison ivy growing amongst the peony bushes. I found out the hard way today. Benedryl is my friend. Tomorrow is the 'My Waterloo Days' parade. Madison will be marching as a color guard for the marching band. I'm so excited for her! She really enjoys color guard. Part of the 'My Waterloo Days' celebration is a concert in the park tomorrow night: Quiet Riot. Oh my goodness, talk about flash back to the 80's. I'm sure all the people in attendance will be my age. Although Jared is into classic rock and thinks this is pretty cool to see them. I have to admit, if it was 20 years ago I'd think it was pretty cool too. I'm not sure if we'll go or not. Maybe I better get out some of the old albums and check the lyrics. Did they have lyrics published back then? I'm not sure?

We have an open house here on Sunday. Our realtor has put out many signs in the neighborhood about the open house, so I'm thinking we MIGHT get a good turnout. I don't like to get too excited because I don't want to set myself up for disappointment. We lowered our price on the house because we need a buyer soon and it's been on the market a month now. We had it listed at $166,900 and we dropped to $161,900. I need to get to cleaning. We had a showing on Tuesday night with about 10 minutes notice. I am proud to say that we pulled it off (the buyer was looking for a 3-car garage, bummer). I guess making our bed each morning pays off! Now if we could turn THAT into a habit. Right.

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