Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Up and Move...

My Aunt & her husband have decided to move to a nearby city.  It feels like such an odd thing since they've lived in the same house for so many years, I think 12 or 13.  But their kids have left home a few years ago & I think they're ready for the 'next chapter'.  That's cool, right.
It made me start thinking of how many other people we've known who recently decided to 'move to the next chapter'.  My cousin moved from a rental house when she bought her own house last summer.
Jared moved to Iowa & then back to Texas again within the past 10 months, so technically he opened two-chapters.
Dillon moved to College Station to go to college in August, he got his own apartment with a friend.
In a couple of weeks my parents will be moving to Texas for the winter. 
So wow... people are just Up and Moving.

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