Sunday, November 27, 2011

Strep has struck

Three weeks ago Scott was struck with Strep Throat.  He didn't know that's what he had so he just went through life feeling tired with a sore throat until he was sleeping 18 hours a day! 
He went to Dr. & diagnosed him immediately. Strong antibiodics.
Unfortunately Dillon had been home to visit before Scott was diagnosed.  And you guessed it... must've contracted Strep.  He went for about 2 weeks thinking he just had a cold.
Dillon got home Tuesday night & showed us his swollen throat.  Ouch!  The Dr. diagnosed him on Wed. morning & actually gave him 2 injections to get a powerful anitiodic into his system & get the swelling down.

Not so fast... we're pretty sure Scott's got strep again.
Look at him today.  He says he's so cold & tired. 
After church he came home & curled up on the couch with a random jacket (really? Michigan?).
I mean look at him... he's sleeping with shoes on??  You know he's sick.

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