Monday, November 21, 2011

Random pics this week

Scott performed a wedding yesterday & I went along.  Usually I take a few pictures during the ceremony but it was awkward with the small family gathering and I was obviously not family... so I waited until we were ready to go & took these cool little snapshots of the flowers & the program.  Scott's name was so pretty at the bottom of the program.  Neat, right?
One Saturday last month Dillon came with us & waited in the car while Scott conducted a ceremony on the banks of Lake Travis. It was a beautiful day so we got a quick pic of Dillon & I. 

Yeah, I'm thinking I should have been a photographer.
Of hands.
And sunsets.

Spending time on our front porch - what a great past-time!
Here's some random pics we took of each other today.
I wish the weather was like today all the time. Upper 70's with a breeze. Love it! 

I got these 2 plants for Mother's Day this year. 
I really thought they were going to die this summer since it was so hot.
The rose bush was hardy & now it has such beautiful blooms.
The gardenia bush I was SURE it was going to die.
Then I trimmed back the burned-up sticks & gave it Miracle Gro.
A Miracle Indeed! 
I took a close-up of the branch that is getting ready to bloom.  How exciting!

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