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Part 1 - DEC. 2010 (Chronological catch-up)

So December was full of... umm... Holiday, Family & a few random but wonderful things!

Of course we had a few musical tributes since we're a "Choir Family".
We participated in a FANTASTIC night of Christmas Caroling with the Stony Point Choir.  We started the night caroling at the local nursing homes.
 Here is Eric & Andrew being their jovial selves.  The lady in the background looks thrilled.

After the singing at the nursing homes we went to the outlet mall & sang as a small group - then joined the other groups for a large ensemble. Here's the whole gang below. We had a great time.

The holiday concert was at the Round Rock PAC. See Madison (the only blonde!) on the end?

The Stony Point 'Footnotes' Choir sang a couple of pieces at the Holiday Concert at the Round Rock PAC. It was a really cool collaboration of the SPHS Choir & Orchestra during this concert. Madison is in the front row, 3rd from the right. It's a beautiful song & I hope you'll listen to it all the way thru.

The Stony Point 'Footnotes' Choir sang at 'Grace Christian Center' in December. The Director, Annie Byrom, allowed a couple of choir alumni to sing along... so you can see Dillon & Amanda in the bunch. Listen for Madison at 17sec.

Scott spent almost 4 months preparing for the gastric by-pass surgery which his Endocrinologist (Diabetes Doctor) & his Bariatric Surgeon want him to have so he can get rid of diabetes.
Scott spent several days in a hospital in downtown Austin.  Here is the 'pent house' view from his room.  We enjoyed it but he didn't get much opportunity to sit & look out of it.  Understandable, right?

A 'side-effect' of Scott's surgery is Weight Loss!
Watch over the next few months how Scott's weight dwindles away...
The day of surgery Scott weighed 283.
This is a photo Scott had taken for a newspaper article in December, 2010.
This is how we all knew Scott.  Cute & Cuddly & Big Bear-like, right?

The WHOLE Gang! 
 G'ma & G'pa Brown arrived in Texas in early December.
We are very blessed to have them in Round Rock for the winter.
We celebrated G'ma Vicki's birthday at the Oasis overlooking Lake Travis.
Here is Jeannetta, G'ma & me.

Madison works at Carter's outlet store!
Madison started working for the temporary holiday season & keeps her job long-term.
Ahhh.... her first job!

Good-Bye Pink Penguin
Scott & I decided to sell our portion of the Pink Penguin to our partners.
We wish James & Andrea lots of fun and adventures as owners of the
Pink Penguin Frozen Yogurt Shop.

Merry Christmas - 2010

Here's the gang this year;
front row: Cody, Chelsie, Dillon, Josh
second row: Madison, Shelly, Jared, Scott & Brittany

And a goofy shot...
(really Jared??)

Christmas means we get creative, artsy & beautiful items from my sister-in-law Jill.

The Cole Family Tree is our original piece of art that Jill made for us this year.

Santa Claus brought the Cole Family a very cute little dog on the Eve of Christmas Eve. (12-23-10)
The story goes like this...
Scott & I bought a new (used) vehicle on 12-23-10.
When we brought it home that night we took Dillon & Madison for a ride around the neighborhood.
As we were backing out of our driveway this cute little puppy was standing in our driveway.
No one in the neighborhood claimed her.
The vet checked the microchip in her neck & she was registered to an animal shelter in West Texas... who did not have the name of her adoptive family....
It appears she's been 'DUMPED'.
We think she's a cross between a long-haired chihuahua & a terrier.
She's VERY CUTE and loves to snuggle on your lap.
We named her MOLLY.
We noticed something unusual about her after a couple of weeks....
STAY TUNED until next month....


Now what
Whoops. I accidentally washed Scott's wallet. And all the contents. Now that's some clean cash!

Well Looky There!
We have curbside recycling.  I like it.
Except those 2 bad-boys now have to fit into my garage. Somewhere.

The kids got portraits of themselves for Christmas & got them framed for us.
Very Cool.
We decided to elaborate on their sitting & add the whole family.
We decided this might not happen again for a looooooong time.

Weddings here & there

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