Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SPHS Choir Year-End Show!!

Studio 54 was a HUGE success!! 
The theme this year was 'The Classics' so all of the songs were either Classic Broadway, Classic Rock or Classic Motown.  Therefore the kids dressed in 70's and 80's costumes. 
Madison & Dillon had ALOT of parts in the production... I didn't get all of them on video since I was helping with the production too, but here are a few fun pics & clips...
Look for Dillon in the back row in bright green & Madison on the right in a black t-shirt.

Bet you didn't know Madison could do Classic Broadway Annie!?!!  Turn up the volume b/c she does a GREAT job!! 

This will be one of the rare chances I get pictures of Dillon & Madison next to each other in a production, so I had to take advantage of it & try to get as many pics as I could!

The grand finale was a duet of Dillon & our good friend, Amanda, singing Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'".

Yes this does look like Dillon is a Ninja Turtle... but he's supposed to be one of the zombies from Thriller. 
A little Dillon humor, right.

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