Sunday, May 9, 2010

Night Burn Excercise at Jared's Academy

Last Wednesday the Fire Academy invited friends & family to come watch the cadets put out propane
fires which would take place at night. We packed up our lawn chairs & set out for a night of "burning stuff up". 
Below is the fire tower where Jared has practiced simulated rescues by running up & down the stairs with
'victims' of burning buildings. 
We've seen pictures of the cadets using ladder trucks & ropes with this building,
I must admit the 'tower' was much more intimidating in person!
Here we are waiting for the burning to begin! 
Here is Chelsie & Dillon in the back & Brittany, Madison & Scott in front.
We ended up waiting for over an hour for dusk.
We got a little bored. :)
Jared hung out with us for a while, but soon had to 'suit up' for the night.
See him in the background getting his gear on? (with the white shirt)
Below is a labratory table.  The propane tank next to it will blow fire. 
Because Austin has so many highly technical industries, the scenario of a lab table catching on fire is highly probable. This is a common occurance for the Austin Fire Department.
See how quickly the table is ON FIRE!! 
The pictures below show how the firemen approach the fire & extinguish it.
It's very scary because you can hear the roar of the propane fire! 

The video here shows Jared (controlling the nozzle) as he gets VERY close to the fire with his team of firemen. They extinguish the fire & close the propane valve to stop the fire. Yikes!!
STAY TUNED UNTIL 55sec. to see Jared come forward.

The grand- finale of the night was when the cadets extinguished a simulated propane tank that was on fire.
The roar of the fire was enough to scare me!
Watch the progression of pictures below to see how big the fire was!
Last week was called 'burn week' for the cadets where they put into action many of the skills they've learned in simulated environments.  It was a good week to finish with. 
All next week Jared will be taking his state exam with graduation on Friday night. 
We're very proud of Jared!!

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