Sunday, May 2, 2010

How much did this beautiful landscape cost?

Our driveway is almost too narrow for 2 vehicles... we were killing the grass by walking in the grass alongside the driveway.
So we decided to start a landscaping project!
We finally finished!  I think it turned out great! 
We can already see how much we WERE walking on the grass.
Now this project WAS NOT FREE.  As a matter of fact it cost more than dollars. 
It cost Scott the most.... He paid for the project with his health. 
Unbeknowst (is that really a word?) to Scott he had developed an umbilical HERNIA this week!
The doctor decided to perform surgery right away since an infection seemed to have set in too.
Scott didn't want me to take a bunch of pictures of his belly, so I was going to capture an image from the internet but those pictures were disgusting & didn't look anything like Scott's hernia.  Yuck.
Scott simply had a hard, sensitive spot behind his bellybutton & and the skin was hot.
(It was a little weird when he'd ask "Does my bellybutton feel hot to you?")
The above picture shows where the hernia was (see the red arrow?).
Scott did let me take one very close picture of his belly-button incision. 
He'll still be able to wear his bikini this summer. 
Anyways, he's recovering well & will probably be out-of-commission for a week.
Thanks for all the prayers & well-wishes! 


Anonymous said...

I have one just like that, but healed lol, what a dork, what was he thinking? Glad he's well though.

Imported Texan Mom said...

Awesome job on the driveway extension. It looks great! Very inspiring to me. Sorry to hear about Scott. Hope he's doing much better!