Thursday, April 15, 2010

Little Dillon

Dillon has to provide a picture of himself when he was younger for a video slide-show
at tomorrow night's Spring Show.  Dillon is an Emcee & this will be part of the show.
On our quest to find a funny picture we came across these classics:

Dillon LOVES his new shoes!  I took this picture during his nap time in Aug. 1996.
Obviously Jared loves to hug Dillon.  NOT.  haha
This was taken in June 1994 in Iowa City.
The one-hour-photo store in the mall picked this as "Picture of the Week" in Mason City & it was displayed for a week in the middle of the mall so everyone to get a good laugh.
This was a Christmas cookie decorating night.
Look close at the orange Tang stain around his mouth.  I can't believe I fed them so much sugar before bed!
October 21, 1994. Too cute. 
I notice now that both the boys are wearing PJ's.  Jared's are on the outside & Dillon's are on underneath his costume.  Oh well, they were 3 & 1 at the time, I don't think they noticed.

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