Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fun Monday

We got a surprise visit from my cousin, Jennelle, on Sunday night! 
We love having company!!  So you should come visit us... :)
While we waited for Jennelle & Terence to meet us at Rudy's we decided to take some family pictures. 
This explains why the kids were in a 'sour' mood. 
hahah.  Just kidding, the kids are always so fun to hang with.
So Madison decided to take our picture.
After she took this one she said "Dad you need to smile!"
She took another one saying "Come on Dad, smile bigger!"
I figured he didn't smile again, so I gave him a frown.
Finally when we both gave a great smile, Jared decides to join in.
I told you there's never a dull moment with our kids.

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