Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break 2010

We started Spring Break today with a Rugby game win & sunburns for everyone!  It was a bright sunny day & we got up to 80 degrees. 
Jared went to a controlled-burn today, in other words... he BURNED down a house today!  It was a practice burn for the Fire Department.  He's not home yet but he has texted us so I know he's okay (whew!  I don't know how moms of fire fighters do it).
Scott & Dillon went to San Antonio tonight to pick up Dillon's good friend, Nathan, from the airport.  He lives in Waterloo, Iowa & I don't think he's ever been to Texas.  He'll have a fun week since the weather will be in the 70's& sunny.  I think we might go to Houston for a day & I'm sure we'll think of plenty of things to do this week... wish all our friends & family could come down... (sad face).
Madison has decided we're going to do LOTS of practice driving this week.  And after our 2 mile driving experience this afternoon... ummm...  she definitely needs practice. 
Look for pictures this week!  Happy Spring Break!

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