Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This year's Senior Class (2010) from Stony Point did a fund-raiser for their 'Project Graduation'.  They sold tickets to the Capital City Comedy Club for an event last Friday.  The headliner was a guy named Mike McRae.   A little weird for a school-function-fundraiser because you had to be 18 to get into the club.  Obviously the content was NOT all family-friendly.  Nope.

We got 3 tickets with the intent that Scott, Howie & I would go.  But Scott had a terrible head-cold last week & decided not to go.  I almost had to go by myself but Jared saved the day by coming along. 

I envisioned a smoky, dimly-lit club with small tables & lots of drinks... Surprisingly THIS was a brightly lit (flourescent, I think) large room that looks like it was once a large retail store.  No smoking.  Which I actually really, really appreciated.  The tables were set up in long rows, so 20 people could sit at one set of tables.  So the possibility of sitting across from or next to someone you didn't know was pretty high.  Alternative seating were small (tiny) tables around the perimeter with 2 chairs in-bewteen each table... facing forward.  You couldn't turn your chair under your table b/c there wasn't enough room. 
Are you getting the picture that we were sardined into this place?
I got 1 mixed drink & 2 Dr Peppers for Jared & we decided to split a SMALL basket of nacho chips & salsa. The drinks were SO small; they were the size of a breakfast juice glass - WITH ICE.   So I spent $17.23 for 3 glasses of ice with a bit of liquid & a basket of chips. 

So you're wondering if the comedian was worth all the hassle?  Sorry to say, it was very lame.  I'm even sorrier for the family that bought & gave us the tickets.  What a waste of $15 per ticket.  At least it went to a good cause, I hope the Seniors have fun at Project Graduation. 

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