Sunday, January 31, 2010

Where Jared spends his days...

This is the Austin Community College's Fire Academy Training Center.
Jared spends each weekday here from 8am-5pm.
Then 2 nights a week he stays extra for Physcial Training.
This the the tower that they practice climbing, see the picture below to see what it's like to be climbing up a REALLY high ladder with breathing gear on.
Jared is 2nd from right.THIS is hard work!  Good job Jared!


Jill said...

yikes. that last picture is making me whoozy. and the one of him doing the superman pose reminds of Little Jared - he's got "that look" on his face!

Shelly said...

I think so too - then I see him in all the fireman's gear & makes me miss the 'little Jared'. He's really grown up!