Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Went home today

My parents went home today after visiting with us for a week!  I wish they could stay just a bit longer... The weather will stay in the 70's here meanwhile be icy & cold in Iowa.  Local Iowa schools were cancelled today due to an icy, freezing sleet. 

Some folks here in Texas don't know what I'm talking about when I say sleet.  That seems weird to me, but I guess it's where you're from...

We mostly just hung-out this past week.  There were a few days of rain and a few days of boys with the flu (Jared & Dillon both had the flu... or food poisoning... or a migraine... whatever it was).  Sorry Mom & Dad!

I think we spent most of our time eating.  At least that's what I did.  My waistband is telling me so.  Ugh. Good food = good times, right? 


Anonymous said...

Hope your parents got home okay. School was cancelled yesterday and is two hours late today. Christina was to go to Cresco for Wrestling meet today, but that school cancelled so she won't have to go now. I'm relieved, don't want any of them on the road.


Shelly said...

Sounds like they made it home okay. Too bad b/c it's 74 & sunny today, wish they could have stayed for this. Oh well. Next year they'll likely be here for the whole winter (prayerfully)!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful voice, we think she should go on American Idol!!!!

Love you Maddy, thanks for making Gpa and Gma cry... ok and me.

Love ya Aunt T.