Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rugby season starts today

We're off to another Stony Point season of Rugby today!
We have 2 games in Austin today.
We (as in Dillon) are going to play these games today a bit 'light' since Dillon injured his right hand in practice on Tuesday night.  Right, Dillon???
He & I were convinced he had broken a bone in his hand & went to get x-rays to prove it.  Even the nurse practitioner thought it was broke according to the x-rays.  BUT the radiologist deemed it a 'normal' right hand and now Dillon is back on the field ready to play today! (Wrapped & splinted, of course.)
One of my true concerns today is the weather.  It is going to be 40 DEGREES today.  That is FREAKING COLD for this area.  I know I can bundle up for the duration & go sit in the truck if I need to... but Dillon & the other players will be wearing short shorts & short sleeved shirts.  No pads.  No helmets.  Hard ground. 
Hmmm... I'm predicting a rough day.  I'll let you know.

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Shelly said...

Tigers won the first game & lost the 2nd. Dillon scored the only 'try' (touchdown) for the Tigers today!
Yes... the temp was 39 degrees but the sun was nice & no breeze made it feel warmer than that.

No major injuries. Just the normal bumps & bruises. And cleat marks on the face. Ouch.