Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Let the Rugby begin...

Dillon tried out for a 'Select Team' of Rugby players last Sunday & he made it onto the first team. This is good! He has the opportunity to work with a coach who has national recognition and Dillon will get to travel to a few states for games. Luckily the team is sponsored hopefully trips won't be too expensive.

Dillon was chosen to be Team Captain for his team. Here he is leading the team in warm-up exercises. He's out in the middle of the circle in the above video & below he is visiting with the referee. Yes, the ref is wearing a pink jersey. Makes him easy to see in a crowd, right?

Stony Point players each have a nickname. Here is Dillon & his friend Nick.
Otherwise known as 'Fish' and 'Whitey'.
Dillon is 'Fish' because he was the only freshman on the rookie team 2 years ago,
and 'Whitey' is because Nick used to wear only white UnderArmor wear
to all the practices - not black ones like the rest of the team.
Jared was called 'Salsa' for the reason that
he used to bring chips & salsa to practice to share afterwards.
They have had teammates called:
Red, Wolfman, Thing 1, Thing 2,
Blowfish, Flounder,
Speedy & Speedo (brothers),
Bulldog, Beans, Sugar...
all in all it's quite an interesting group of boys.

The boys were on the field from 9am - 4:30pm.
It was a looonggg day.
Here is 'Dee' and 'Fish' lounging in between games.
After the game the coach always does a little 'wrap-up' with the boys.
We took 8 boys to try-outs & 6 boys made it onto the first team.
That is awesome for Stony Point because they were
trying out against boys from teams
as far away as San Antonio.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like Christina trying out for the North Star Volleyball Club team. She made it for the 15's team and will have at least two tournaments a month starting in January and going through April. Coach Bos told us he was going to keep them to no more than 3 hours away and not too many overnights. Guess we will see once he makes his decision on which tournaments to play in. Good luck to him and keep us posted!

jamie davison