Monday, September 7, 2009

Takes me back to Grandma's kitchen

This meat grinder belonged to my Grandma. She used it to make sandwich spreads like Chicken Salad or Ham salad. I remember watching her grind the ingredients into a summer delicacy.

So last weekend I bought a 1/2 pound of bologna from the deli & decided to make my own Sandwich Spread. I ground the meat, 3 boiled eggs, many sweet pickles & some crackers. I added a little bit of onion, lots of mayo & mustard and a little bit of sugar. WHAA LAA.

This grinder is made of iron & VERY heavy. Scott looked through the box & noticed the instructions were printed in 1972. I said, "Yeah, that's about right." I think he doubted something so archaic could make something so yummy. We ate sandwiches all week!

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