Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dillon's summer

Dillon has been busy, busy, busy.
He took a full-time summer position with a daycare - he is a 'teacher' in the after-school-aged (age 7-11) summer program. He has anywhere from 9-17 kids a day. The daycare hosts daily field trips which is where Dillon earns / enjoys his days... Movies, Bike Trip, Canoeing, Horseback riding, Swimming.... He's made really good money and has realized the influence he can have with these impressionable kids. Oh... the stories he tells.... Good & Bad....

Dillon has also been mowing yards in our neighborhood. He did some creative advertising & now takes care of 2 or 3 yards per week. He makes $35 - $40 per yard. Awesome!

His biggest goal this summer is to work on getting his driver's license (test is in November) and save money for a car. He's got ALOT of cash in the bank and looks at used cars ALL THE TIME. I'm proud of him that he's got a goal & has really worked on it. Good Job Dillon!!

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