Sunday, July 19, 2009

Graduation Day for Jared

The BIG day begins with a traditional picture in the gown.

Jared & Kelly.... aww.... :)
The graduation ceremony was in Austin at the Frank Erwin Center.

There were almost 800 kids graduating, so here is the auditorium set-up.
The auditorium is really large & we had to walk a long ways to get to it, so
Gr'ma & Gr'pa Cole decided to stay near the top entrance.
Get out your magnifying glass & maybe you can find them on the other side!

We had to really look hard for Jared when he came in. He's in the center of this pic.
Again, really hard to see, but he's just stepping down the steps
after getting his diploma. Yay!
We are so proud!!

Proud Grandparents!

This picture makes me laugh because Dillon was so happy for Jared but in this picture he wants to rip the tassle off Jared's cap because it kept swinging & hitting Dillon in the face. You can see Dillon gritting his teeth while Jared is oblivious to it all. :)